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January / February 2021


For the Ducks... The Promise of a New Year

There are better things ahead than any we leave behind. —C.S. Lewis
A message to Team DU

DU Special Report: The Pintail Puzzle

Waterfowl managers are striving to conserve northern pintail populations and their habitats while also providing hunting opportunities for these iconic birds

The Late Show

Four experts explain why the end of the season can be the best time to hunt Canada geese, and how you can make the most of it

Hunting the Freeze Line

Magic can happen when you are on the edge

Star Power

One of today's most talented wildlife artists, Adam Grimm also played a leading role in a documentary about the Federal Duck Stamp Contest

Breakfast Sausage

Getting up in the wee hours to go hunting is easier when this delectable duck or goose sausage is waiting for you

Mapping the Way for Conservation

Using cutting-edge Geographic Information Systems technology, Ducks Unlimited is harnessing the power of data to guide its work

Waterfowler's World: Snow Days

When you're hunting spooky late-season birds, the white stuff can be a game-changer

Finishing Strong

Make sure your retriever is healthy and in top condition during the final weeks of the season

Understanding Waterfowl: Survival of the Fattest

Maintaining fat reserves is crucial for waterfowl during the cold winter months

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