2012 Retrievers Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention entries in the 2012 DU Members Photo Contest

Brown retriever

My friend, Jake Strege's retriever Vinny retrieving a Sandhill Crane we shot in North Dakota. (photo by Steve Oehlenschlager)

My dog Hunter retrieving a goose we were able to bring down in Washington state. (photo by Alex Yerges)

This is Moose, my buddy Justin Hetz' Golden Retriever. It was a pleasure hunting with this beautiful dog during a late season hunt on the Missouri River. (photo by John Bonta)

This is my retriever Smokey on a duck and goose hunt in Oklahoma. Standing proud of his recent retrieve. (photo by George Johnson)

This is my golden retriever, Jolly Jackson, hitting the water to retrieve a duck. (photo by Sylvia McClure)

Rover retrieving a pintail at Willows California flooded rice field. (photo by Daniel Fuller)

(photo by Justin Church)

Chloe (Choppers Road Slick) posing with a dandy Pintail along the banks of the Columbia River near Plymouth, Washington. (photo by Gary Abbott)

Kara, first trip to Saskatchewan, owner Virgil Held. (photo by Michael Muirhead)