Land Protection

Land protection is a critical tool by which Ducks Unlimited conserves waterfowl habitat throughout North America

Ducks Unlimited also maintains a Habitat Revolving Fund accessible for target acquisitions and purchases of development rights within our Landscape Conservation Priority Areas.

Ducks Unlimited occasionally acquires land in key areas with the intent of long-term ownership and to address specific waterfowl conservation needs. More commonly, Ducks Unlimited acquires land to restore and/or enhance wetlands and other significant habitat and convey to a conservation partner as the permanent landowner.

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Financial Considerations of Conservation Donations

Conservation is an American value that receives broad support across the political landscape.  As a result, federal and state legislation over the years has authorized significant tax incentives for donations of lands and interests in land (conservation easements) for qualified conservation purposes.

Refer to the following resources to learn more about the available tax incentives. Be sure to consult a financial advisor or tax advisor about any decision to protect land on the basis of available tax incentives, as they have varying degrees of benefit depending upon your aggregate gross income in a given tax year, other deductions to be claimed and other taxes to be applied.

Federal Income Tax Incentive for Conservation (Donations of Fee Land)

Federal Income Tax Incentive for Conservation (Donations of Conservation Easements)

Estate Tax Benefit for Conservation (Donations of Conservation Easements)

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