International Conservation Plan

For over six decades, Ducks Unlimited has maintained a singleness of purpose that has guided the organization to become the leading waterfowl and wetlands conservation entity in North America. Dynamic and responsive leadership by staff and volunteers, working together, has assured that DU's work evolved in response to the ever-changing pressures on waterfowl and the habitats upon which they depend throughout their annual cycle.

From time-to-time, DU has re-evaluated its future path to make sure it is in tune with the needs of waterfowl and wetlands conservation. This strategic plan represents the most recent iteration of such a self-assessment conducted by staff and volunteers to assure that the organization is effectively in pursuit of its mission.

DU believes that solutions to fundamental problems must be anchored in the most up-to-date scientific understanding of waterfowl and the habitat resources to which they are intimately tied. Thus, this plan has been guided by a thorough review of our current knowledge of the biological issues affecting the birds and their habitats.

DU's International Conservation Plan (ICP)