DU Magazine: January / February 2020

Archived from the January / February 2020 issue

For the Ducks . . . 2020 Vision

A message to Team DU

Pro Tips for Winter Ducks

Fooling late-season ducks and geese often requires creativity, fresh approaches, and a little more work

The Human Component of Conservation

Ducks Unlimited de México, Axalta Coating Systems, and many other partners are working with local communities to conserve wetlands and improve lives in the Lake Cuitzeo watershed

Waterfowler's World: Hunting Cold-Weather Hot Spots

When the freeze is on, small creeks and streams can be the key to late-season success

Jalapeño Lime Jerky

Try this new twist on a classic game recipe

New Dawn in the Duck Woods

With help from Ducks Unlimited and hunters, Arkansas is implementing an ambitious plan to conserve the state’s iconic flooded timber habitats

Carrying on his mother’s legacy and finding fame alongside his brothers, Bob Hautman earns his first DU Artist of the Year win

Snow Storm

Despite efforts to reduce their numbers, light goose populations continue to grow, potentially threatening other waterfowl species

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Originally bred to lure curious ducks into gun range, today’s “tollers” are intelligent, athletic, and versatile hunters

Shotgunning: High-Performance Duck Guns

Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s waterfowl guns are more effective and dependable than ever

Understanding Waterfowl: Canvasbacks in Winter

The distribution of these highly prized birds is closely tied to water quality and food availability