DU Magazine: September / October 2021

Archived from the September / October 2021 issue

The American Duck Hunter

A look back at key trends in waterfowling over the past 65 years, and what they might mean for the future of the resource and our hunting traditions

The Other Drought

Exceptionally dry weather in the West threatens crucial wetlands and other waterfowl habitats

Beating the Crowds

Waterfowling success on public land often requires separating yourself from the camo-clad masses

Nachos de Pato

Using ground duck and fresh toppings, you can put your own spin on this popular and versatile dish

Get Ready for Opening Day

Here's your preseason game plan for a successful start to waterfowling's main event

Dream Team

With the right setup, the right training, and the right dogs, two retrievers can hunt together like a well-oiled machine

Wood Duck Shooting

Connecting with these colorful aerial acrobats is one of wingshooting's toughest challenges

Data, Drought, and Duck Seasons

With breeding ground surveys canceled and severe drought developing on the prairies, how did waterfowl managers set this year's hunting regulations?

Lessons from a Solo Season

Hunting on your own is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new equipment and tactics and to focus on what's important to you