DU Magazine: July / August 2020

Archived from the July / August 2020 issue


For The Ducks . . . Outdoor Medicine

A message to Team DU

Deconstructed Ducks

To prepare this delicious recipe, some disassembly is required

2020 New Guns & Gear

Don't miss this year's selection of the latest shotguns, ammo, and gear for waterfowl hunters

Family Feast

The old-fashioned family dinner is enjoying a renaissance. Gather your clan around the table with wild-game recipes that are perfect for sharing

Going Alone

When you're all by yourself in the duck woods, every moment is yours to treasure

A Started Dog

For some hunters, it makes sense to get a dog with a head start on his training

Late-Spring 2020 Habitat Outlook

An overview of wetland conditions across key waterfowl breeding areas

Shotgunning: The Churchill Method

This instinctive shooting style might be the key to improving your success in the duck blind

Understanding Waterfowl: Prairie Potholes and Breeding Ducks

Conserving these small, shallow wetlands is essential to the health of continental duck populations

Waterfowl and Beyond

Ducks Unlimited's conservation work provides a host of benefits in addition to more ducks and geese

Connecting People with Wetlands

DU projects in urban areas provide unique opportunities to expand support for conservation