DU Magazine: March / April 2023

Archived from the March / April 2023 Issue

The Future of CRP

Building support for this important agricultural conservation program is a top DU priority in the next Farm Bill

Far-East Flavor

In this mouthwatering recipe, homemade hoisin sauce complements the unique taste of dry-aged ducks

Understanding Waterfowl: Balanced Diets

Waterfowl eat a variety of foods throughout the year to meet changing nutritional needs

Northern Flights

We came to Kodiak Island with high hopes for adventure; we left with much more

Unleashed in Chicago

A waterfowl-hunting attorney revisits his old Windy City stomping grounds with his retriever by his side

Where the Season Begins

When you hunt on the northern edge of Canada's prairies, you get first crack at southbound ducks and geese

The Quest

There's a duck hole out there with your name on it

Retrievers: On the Road Again

Keep your traveling retriever safe and healthy

Wood vs. Plastic Calls

While both materials have advantages, this perennial debate is a matter of preference