DU Magazine: July / August 2021

Archived from the July / August 2021 issue

Cattle and Conservation

On the northern plains, ranchers play a crucial role in conserving wetlands and grasslands for breeding ducks and other wildlife

Cooking in the Great Outdoors

Food just tastes better outside, and these dishes will be a hit no matter your alfresco occasion

Glazed Game

Correctly applied, a glaze adds flavor, texture, and color to grilled meats

First Feathers

You never forget the day you became a waterfowler

2021 New Guns & Gear

Fall is right around the corner, and we've got you covered with our annual roundup of the best new shotguns, ammo, and gear for waterfowlers

Conservation: Ducks University

Ducks Unlimited is partnering with the University of North Dakota to train and inspire a new generation of wetlands and waterfowl scientists

Late-Spring Habitat Outlook 2021

An overview of wetland conditions across key waterfowl breeding areas

For the Ducks... Welcome Back

A message to Team DU

Collars and Leads

For training and for safety, every dog owner needs these basic tools

Hands-On Shooting

Your eyes find the target and guide your hands to it; the gun just goes along for the ride

Understanding Waterfowl: Super Broods

Amalgamations of ducklings and goslings can include offspring from two or more females

Waterfowler's World: Know Your Ducks

DU biologists offer practical advice for improving your waterfowl identification skills