DU Magazine: March / April 2020

Archived from the March / April 2020 issue

For the Ducks . . . Beating the Off-Season Blues

A message to Team DU

Best of the Flyways

Thinking about hitting the road next season? Here's your guide to some of the top waterfowling experiences in North America

Cooking with Whiskey

Whiskey-infused marinades and sauces can take your waterfowl dishes to the next level

All-Weather Tactics for Ducks and Geese

How to beat the weather and bag more birds in hard-to-hunt conditions

Retrievers: Crate Training

Don't skip this fundamental step in your retriever's education

Are Waterfowl Migrations Changing?

DU's chief scientist discusses the many factors that influence where and when waterfowl migrate

Waterfowler's World: Traveling to Canada

Make sure you're ready when the north country calls your name

Understanding Waterfowl: Going Home

Many ducks and geese return to the same breeding, wintering, and migration sites year after year

Shotgunning: Timing Is Everything

Make the most of the last few moments before you pull the trigger

Conservation: Moving Dirt for Ducks

DU delivers innovative solutions to restore and enhance waterfowl habitat

Production and Preservation Go Hand in Hand

By Dana Bolden, Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Sustainability, Corteva Agriscience