DU Magazine: May / June 2020

Archived from the May / June 2020 issue

For the Ducks . . . Open Season for Black Swans

A message to Team DU

2020 DU Member Photo Contest

Experience the wonders of waterfowling with these breathtaking images from DU members across the country

Cotton and the King

They were born on the same day, 34 years apart. Which, considering the way things turned out, seems like something more than simple coincidence.

Breeds Apart

These five retriever breeds boast serious waterfowling credentials; which one is right for you?

Training the Wildrose Way

This innovative program can help you train a rock-solid retriever, using positive training methods and a little algebra

Retrievers and Guns

How to keep your dog and your hunting partners safe in the blind

Waterfowl and Working Lands

Conservation partnerships with farmers and ranchers provide important wildlife and help keep agriculture operations profitable

Waterfowler's World: Off-Season Game Plan

Prepare now to make next waterfowl season your best ever

Goose Lunch Meat

Make delectable goose breast sandwiches using the sous vide cooking method

Conservation for Generations

Shining a Light on the Future

Retrievers: The Place Board

A simple platform can be a powerful and versatile training tool

The Surprising Genetics of American Black Ducks and Mallards

Cutting-edge research offers good news for one species and raises potential concerns for the other