DU Magazine: January / February 2022

Archived from the January / February 2022 issue

Trip Makers

There are moments that can turn everyday hunts into priceless memories

Should I Breed My Retriever?

A professional breeder offers advice to help you make the best decision for you and your dog

The Case for a 10-Gauge

The popularity of these big-bore shotguns has waned, but they continue to fill a niche

A Teal Tale

While they are often lumped together, each of North America's teal species stands apart

Waterfowler's World: Flagging Down Geese

No goose hunter should be without one of these deadly tools

Hail to the King

The regal canvasback occupies a special place in the hearts of many waterfowlers, but ongoing drought and habitat loss mean King Can is facing an uncertain future

Divers the Hard Way

Hunting big water from a layout boat is specialized, difficult, and even a little dangerous. But if you like to decoy bluebills, redheads, and canvasbacks in close, nothing else compares

Greentree Revival

DU is helping the Arkansas Game and Fish commission restore and protect the state's legendary flooded timber

Wood Ducks with Romesco Sauce

This spicy sauce is a perfect accompaniment to the venerable woodie

Riding a Wave

With his second consecutive DU Artist of the Year honor, Adam Grimm continues to impress

For the Ducks: 85 Years Strong

Throughout Ducks Unlimited's history, a shared passion for wetlands and waterfowl has fueled the organization's vitality and success