DU Magazine: November / December 2020

Archived from the November / December 2020 issue

For the Ducks ... Putting a Bow on 2020

A message to Team DU

Waterfowler's Holiday Wishlist

Take your pick from these great gift ideas for DU Members

Ducks Unlimited's 2020 Annual Report

An executive summary of DU's financial and conservation accomplishments during the past fiscal year

Conservation: Riches to Rags

The decline of the Klamath Basin refuges is a national tragedy, but efforts are under way to restore their value to waterfowl

Cooking: Holiday Side Dishes

The perfect accompaniments to a special meal, these recipes feature wild and fresh ingredients

Dream Hunts

Forget empty skies, uncooperative birds, or leaky waders. These four stories capture the unforgettable thrill of waterfowling when you're in the right spot, the conditions are perfect, and everything goes according to plan.

Hallowed Ground

How do you say good-bye to your cherished retriever, hunting partner, and friend?

Healthy Feet

Taking good care of your dog's paws will help him perform at his peak

Legacy for Landowners

Conservation easements are a cost-effective and popular way to permanently protect crucial waterfowl habitat on private lands

Marsh to Table

South Louisiana's imperiled coastal marshes are at the heart of the region's culture, economy, and cuisine

Science of Waterfowling

Four DU biologists, who are also hard-core waterfowlers, share their proven tactics for a successful day in the marsh

Shotgunning: Distance Learning

Accurately estimating distance and knowing your effective range is crucial to being an ethical hunter

Understanding Waterfowl: What's on the Menu?

A closer look at the feeding ecology of North America's waterfowl

Waterfowler's World: Photographing Your Retriever

Pro tips for preserving cherished moments with your favorite hunting partner