DU Magazine: May / June 2021

Archived from the May / June 2021 issue

2021 DU Member Photo Contest

Take a gander at these stunning images captured by this year's winners from across the nation

For the Ducks... Loyal to the Cause

A message to Team DU

Early Spring Habitat Outlook 2021

An overview of wetland conditions across key waterfowl breeding areas

Fire It Up!

Where there's smoke, there's great-tasting game meat

Conservation: Gaining Ground

In the fight to save Louisiana's vanishing coast, DU and its partners are using small-scale river diversions to rebuild crucial habitat

A Can for Elsie

A special duck evokes memories of a once-in-a-lifetime hunting companion

An Ounce of Prevention

Make sure your retriever is fully protected against diseases and parasites

Basic Training

The journey from puppy to finished duck dog begins with teaching the fundamentals and developing five elemental behaviors

A Pretty Good Dog

No retriever is perfect, but some are closer to perfect than others

Is One Enough?

Some of us are one-gun hunters; others like to have more options in their waterfowling arsenal

Waterfowler's World: Waterfowling Apps

Today's hunters have a world of information at their fingertips

Understanding Waterfowl: The Adventures of Urban Mallards

Researchers have made some surprising discoveries about the behavior of birds raised in cities and suburbs