DU Magazine: July / August 2022

Archived from the July / August 2022 issue

New Guns and Gear for 2022

Get ready for opening day with these great new guns, loads, decoys, apparel, accessories, and more for waterfowlers

The Ultimate Duck Boat

From bow to stern, this dream boat has unique features that put it in a class by itself

For the Ducks: Gadgets, Gear, and People

Celebrating our volunteers, great hunting products, and the companies that support our conservation work

Eyes in the Sky

Ducks Unlimited is using high-tech aerial drones to expand our understanding of waterfowl and their habitats

Waterfowler's World: Setting the Table

How to improve and manage duck-attracting habitat on even the smallest hunting property

Understanding Waterfowl: Prehistoric Waterfowl

Today’s ducks and geese may have descended from species that once shared the planet with dinosaurs

Retrievers: The Re-Homed Retriever

How to find and adopt an older hunting dog

Shotgunning: Shooting Accessories

There’s more to shotgunning than guns and shells

The Best Duck I Ever Ate

Five of the country’s finest wild-game chefs share their favorite recipes

This Land is Your Land

Ducks Unlimited and its partners are working to improve waterfowl habitat and hunting access on public lands across the United States

Cupped Wings: Blind Ambitions

Whether ramshackle or regal, duck blinds represent the hopes and dreams of their builders

Gearing Up: Field-Tested Gear

Waterfowling can be the ultimate test of outdoor clothing and equipment

Field Reports: 2022 Duck Production Outlook

Wetland conditions have improved on the eastern prairies and in other key waterfowl breeding areas

Cooking: Specklebelly Steakhouse Salad

This delicious dish just might be the perfect summertime meal

A Date in a Duck Blind

Here’s how to get your significant other to fall in love with waterfowling