DU Magazine: November / December 2021

Archived from the November / December 2021 issue

2021 Waterfowler's Holiday Gift Guide

You can't miss with these great gift ideas for waterfowlers

Waterfowl of the World

In an exclusive excerpt from his forthcoming book, the author shares some of the highlights from his epic quest to photograph every species of duck, goose, and swan on earth

The American Duck Hunter Part 2

As waterfowlers, we are facing a variety of challenges to our sport and the resources that sustain our hunting traditions

Ducks Unlimited's 2021 Annual Report

An Executive Summary of DU's financial and conservation accomplishments during the past fiscal year

Weathering the Drought

DU's voluntary conservation programs are helping producers and duck populations be more resilient during dry times on the prairies

A Deadly Day for Duck Hunters

More than 150 people lost their lives in the Armistice Day Storm of 1940, including dozens of waterfowlers who were caught unprepared by the sudden, ferocious blizzard

A Pair of Seasons: Holiday and Hunting and Lots of Reasons to Celebrate

A Message to Team DU

Simple Pan-Seared Duck

This delicious dish is the result of just a few basic ingredients and some inspired cooking techniques

Glove at First Sight

The waterfowling gloves will protect your hands from the elements

Revving Up Your Retriever

There are several reasons why your retriever might lose interest in his job. Here's how to get his head back in the game

The High Overhead Shot

Good technique and plenty of practice can help you master this wingshooting challenge

Stopping Traffic

Try these strategies for those days when you can't be on the 'X'

The Original Duck Boat

When early hunters headed to the marshes in pursuit of ducks and geese, they did so in handmade canoes. 

Are Waterfowl Distributions Changing?

Recent studies have added to our knowledge about how different environmental factors impact when and where waterfowl migrate and winter

Waterfowler's World: Expert Tips for Specks

How to get started hunting these highly prized geese