DU Magazine: March / April 2022

Archived from the March / April 2022 issue

Double Down on Ducks and Geese

Here's how to stack the deck in your favor when all manner of waterfowl are flying

Chasing Specks

Researchers and hunters are in hot pursuit of white-fronted goose populations that are expanding into new areas

A South Dakota Escape

When it feels like the whole world is in crisis, a duck blind on the prairie can be one of the few places where things make sense

Where It All Began

85 years later, DU continues to make progress in conserving these crucial waterfowl habitats in innovative ways

Retrievers: Gut Feelings

New research shows how important it is to maintain your dog’s gastrointestinal health

Shotgunning: Off to a Good Start

Advice on the right way to introduce a youngster to wingshooting

Waterfowler's World: How to Be a Good Guest

When you’re fortunate enough to be asked on a hunt, these common courtesies will help get you invited back

Chili Colorado

A rich, spicy, and tasty alternative to traditional chili

Understanding Waterfowl: Masters of the Air and Water

Ducks and geese have many unique adaptations that allow them to thrive in these diverse environments

Conservation: Delivering for the Ducks

Duck stamp revenues provide crucial funding for wetlands and waterfowl conservation

For the Ducks: Duck Blind Reflection

For those of us who appreciate nature’s gifts, there’s never a slow day in the outdoors