DU Magazine: September / October 2022

Archived from the September / October 2022 issue

Calling Accents

Hunters in some of the country's most celebrated waterfowling regions have developed their own unique ways of speaking a duck's language

Dealing with Drought

Here's how to put together a successful hunt when Mother Nature leaves you high and dry

Early-Season Spreads

Set up for success with these specialized decoy strategies for the first hunts of fall

The Duck Chase

After a two-year pause, the dedicated men and women who survey North America's most important waterfowl breeding grounds were back in the field this spring

South of the Border

This destination on the Minnesota side of Lake of the Woods offers bountiful mixed-bag opportunities with spitting distance of the 49th parallel

Understanding Waterfowl: Hunters and Harvest Management

By participating in annual harvest surveys, you can help safeguard waterfowl populations and our hunting traditions

Waterfowler's World: Decoy Collecting Tips

Finding a few hand-carved birds for your mantel is a lot easier—and less expensive—than you might think

Stuffed Fillets

This imaginative dish tastes as good as it looks

Conservation: Certified for Success

DU's Ecology Conservation and Management Certification provides a solid foundation for up-and-coming professionals in the field

Shotgunning: Early Birds

Dove hunting is the perfect tune-up for waterfowl season

Ducks at a Distance

This classic ID guide, first published nearly six decades ago, is still a go-to resource for waterfowlers

For the Ducks: Taking Nothing for Granted

As we enjoy another season, we should remember the people and conservation victories that make our outdoor experiences possible