DU Magazine: January / February 2023

Archived from the January / February 2023 Issue

A Lesson in Courage

In those days, I would load my canoe with hunting gear and head out to the island in any kind of weather... until the morning when it almost cost me everything

Prime Real Estate

DU's Conservation Lands Program is protecting vital habitats on private lands in important waterfowl areas

Cooking with Wine

In sauces and marinades, wine brings out the distinctive flavors of wild game

Cultivating Conservation

New funding for climate-friendly agricultural practices will provide a host of benefits for producers, wildlife, and the environment

Cupped Wings: Silhouettes

Powerful images inspire memories of past hunts and influence the shape of things to come

Field Reports: Early Winter Habitat Outlook

An overview of wetland conditions in key areas for waterfowl across North America

For the Ducks: Moving Mud and Making a Difference

With your support, DU will continue to grow and expand its conservation impact

New Gear for the New Year

These handy products will help you get a head start on 2023

Geese Over Water

Expand your goose-hunting opportunities with these special-specific decoy strategies for lakes, flooded fields, marshes, and ponds

Living the Dream

After winning the federal duck stamp competition twice and being named DU Artist of the Year four times, Richard Clifton is realizing his childhood aspirations

Big Dogs, Little Dogs

Retrievers of all sizes can get the job done, but some are better in certain situations than others

Shotgunning: The Beretta Story

The legendary Italian gun maker has been producing high-quality firearms for nearly 500 years

Understanding Waterfowl: A Closer Look at Cacklers

These small arctic-nesting geese are among North America’s most interesting waterfowl

Waterfowler's World: Sea Duck Essentials

What you need to know about hunting these magnificent birds