140 Public Waterfowling Destinations

Access to public-hunting areas is crucial for the future of waterfowl hunting and conservation. Go through the list to find out which ones we may have missed.

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Public hunting success may depend on techniques and strategy, but it begins with choosing a destination. This compilation of public waterfowling destinations provides just a glimpse of the hunting opportunities that are available throughout North America.  

20 Public Land Hotspots for 2021

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Check out these public waterfowling hotpsots in your flyway. This collection could serve as your guide to public land hunting. Read More. 

20 Public Waterfowling Destinations for 2020  

Each flyway offers unique habitats and species-specific opportunities for waterfowlers on public land. The key is locating these destinations for your next adventure. The following destinations should help get your public land waterfowling adventures started. Find your spot.

20 Public Waterfowling Destinations for 2019

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There are hidden gems of public waterfowling in each flyway. This list of 20 destinations may be the key to your next fantastic waterfowling adventure. Begin your adventure here. 

20 Public Waterfowling Destinations for 2017

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Hunting ducks and geese on public land requires strategy and knowledge of the area, but locating these destinations is only the first step. We've compiled five destinations in each flyway to act as a guide to accessing these public hunting areas. This collection of public waterfowling hotspots may help you plan a successful hunt this season. Read more.

20 Public Waterfowling Destinations for 2016

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One of the main deterrents for waterfowl hunters is access, yet in each flyway there are scores of top-notch public waterfowling locations. These destinations aren’t secrets, and most can be found on the websites of state agencies or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Use this compilation of public hunting opportunities to help you plan your next great waterfowl hunt.  Read more.

20 Public Waterfowling Destinations for 2015

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Productive public waterfowling exists in each flyway. This collection of destinations may provide you with a blueprint for your next public-hunting adventure. Read more.

20 Public Waterfowling Destinations for 2014

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There is a steady stream of advice out there about how to hunt public areas (or even how not to), but there is little information on where to hunt. Here's 20 public hunting areas you may need to visit. Read more.