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Five Public Waterfowling Hotspots in the Atlantic Flyway

The Atlantic Flyway offers waterfowlers a diverse selection of species to hunt in a dizzying array of habitats. From big water to agricultural fields, hunters can pursue light geese, sea ducks, and everything in between. Whether you’re into dabblers, divers, or geese, the Atlantic Flyway offers them all on public hot spots like the ones listed below. Find your next Atlantic Flyway adventure.

Five Public Waterfowling Hotspots in the Mississippi Flyway

The Mississippi Flyway offers a wide variety of habitats for migrating and wintering waterfowl, and you can find an abundance of public waterfowling opportunities from north to south. Check out this list of five fantastic options for hunters looking to bag public-land ducks and geese this season. Find your next Mississippi Flyway adventure.

Five Public Waterfowling Hotspots in the Central Flyway

Millions of waterfowl funnel through the Central Flyway each fall, offering hunters a variety of opportunities to target ducks and geese. The quality of the hunting is some of the best that North America has to offer, and much of it can be found on public land. Following are five Central Flyway public hunting areas where you may want to find yourself this season. Find your next Central Flyway adventure.

Five Public Waterfowling Hotspots in the Pacific Flyway

The Pacific Flyway offers wide-open spaces for waterfowl hunters and boasts the longest duck seasons in the country. Habitats range from the salt marshes of the Pacific Northwest, across the expansive watersheds of the Columbia, Snake, and Sacramento Rivers, over high-desert playas and lakes, to the nation’s lowest-elevation hunting hot spot, the Salton Sea, which lies 226 feet below sea level. Here are five fantastic hunting destinations in this diverse flyway to help get your 2019–2020 waterfowl season started on the right foot. Find your next Pacific Flyway adventure.