20 Public Land Hotspots for 2020

The following is a resource for finding ducks and geese on public land in each flyway

© John Hoffman/Ducks Unlimited

Each flyway offers unique habitats and species-specific opportunities for waterfowlers on public land. The key is locating these destinations for your next adventure. The following destinations should help get your public land waterfowling adventures started.

Five Atlantic Flyway Public Land Hotspots for 2020

The Atlantic Flyway stretches from the frozen north to the tropical south, encompassing a wide variety of habitats along the way. The species that call this flyway home are equally diverse, from tiny teal to giant Canada geese. But perhaps the best part is the abundance of public land available to waterfowlers and other outdoor enthusiasts throughout the flyway. Get started.

Five Mississippi Flyway Public Land Hotspots for 2020

The storied Mississippi Flyway offers an abundance of public hunting opportunities for those willing to put in the time and effort. Let this be your guide for a public land adventure this season. Get started.

Five Central Flyway Public Land Hotspots for 2020

Waterfowl hunting opportunities in the Central Flyway rival those found anywhere in North America, as millions of migrating waterfowl funnel through the region each fall. Many of those opportunities can be found on public land, including the following five Central Flyway waterfowl hunting hotpots.Get started.

Five Pacific Flyway Public Land Hotspots for 2020

The Pacific Flyway, from north to south, offers a great abundance of hunting opportunities. The following destinations are a handful of solid public hunting options for 2020. Get started.