Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative


In 2021 Ducks Unlimited and Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative (MRCTI) signed a Memorandum of Common Purpose, signaling our goal to protect and restore wetlands and riparian habitats along the Mississippi River for the benefit of both migrating waterfowl and Mississippi River communities and towns.


Who is MRCTI?

MRCTI is a coalition of 104 mayors from across the Mississippi River Mainstem, which spans from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Established in 2012, MRCTI was created to serve as a common voice to cities along the World’s most vital working river to help improve corridor city infrastructure, sustainable development, River economy, environmental protection and local recreation.



Why the Mississippi River?

Since 2011, the Mississippi River Valley has sustained nearly $60 billion in natural disaster impacts, including flooding, droughts and major storms. Under the Memorandum, MRCTI and DU will work together to profile and promote disaster mitigation through habitat restoration.

  • Second longest river in North America, with its watershed covering 40% of the continental U.S.
  • Provides drinking water to more than 20 million people and 50 cities
  • Over 60 billion gallons of fresh water are withdrawn from the river daily
  • The river’s resources support 1.5 million jobs and create $496.7 billion in annual revenue
  • 92% of the nation’s agriculture exports originate in the Mississippi River Basin
  • 60% of North American birds use the Mississippi River Basin as their migratory flyway


Where We Work


Partnership Goals


Our Work Impacts

Over 100 Mayors from Minnesota to Louisiana are Involved in MRCTI


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