ALBANY, New York - Sept. 29, 2022 - The New York District Army Corps of Engineers has approved Ducks Unlimited to begin selling wetland mitigation credits for offsets to non-tidal wetlands and aquatic resources.

In-Lieu Fee (ILF) is a mitigation approach that allows small unavoidable wetland impacts from several projects to be consolidated at larger, more sustainable project sites. A key feature of ILF is that legal obligations tied to mitigation requirements are transferred to Ducks Unlimited through a simple credit-purchase process.

This mitigation approach allows Ducks Unlimited to focus on its mission of protecting and restoring important wetland habitats, while also providing an economical service for industry.

"A lack of wetland credits is prohibiting infrastructure and energy improvements in this part of the state," said Patrick Raney, DU director of conservation programs. "This In-Lieu Fee Program expansion will improve the quality of life for New Yorkers by creating new opportunities for much-needed infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, while still protecting wetland habitats."

A total of 60 credits will be available, with 30 each in the Middle Hudson and Hudson-Hoosic sub-watersheds. Ducks Unlimited's ILF programs in New York State and Vermont have secured 2,205-acres through its first 15 ILF projects, averaging more than 147 acres per project. These larger ILF projects offer more benefits to water quality and wildlife habitat than smaller more isolated projects more typical in the absence of ILF.

The Hudson River is one of the most prominent features in New York State. The watershed supports a diversity of plant life, reptiles and amphibians that are found nowhere else in New York State. The Hudson River is important to the New York commerce and outdoor recreation industry. The water quality of the Hudson River is intricately connected to the health of its wetlands, which filter pollutants from rainwater runoff before entering waterways. Regulatory structuring of the ILF program ensures a net increase in wetlands over time on the landscape from Ducks Unlimited's ILF program.

Visit to learn more about all of Ducks Unlimited's mitigation opportunities. Click here to visit the New York program and click here to visit the Vermont program.