Vermont In-Lieu Fee Program

Approved by the New England District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Three Mile Bridge

The Ducks Unlimited Vermont In-Lieu Fee Program (DU-VT-ILF) provides a flexible compensation alternative to permittee-responsible compensatory mitigation for impacts to waters of the United States in the State of Vermont. The state-wide program sells credits in four separate service areas: The Connecticut River, St. Francois, Richelieu, and Upper Hudson watersheds. By aggregating funds from multiple permitted impacts, the ILF program can deliver projects that offer greater ecological benefits than permittee responsible mitigation and contribute to watershed level conservation goals.

If the applicant proposes to purchase credits from the DU-VT-ILF, the USACE-New England District (Corps) determines the number of credits needed, using the district's current Mitigation Guidance. DU plays no role in any permitting decision or in determining appropriate mitigation for the aquatic resource. Payment to the ILF program ends permittee responsibility for mitigation.

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In order for an applicant to purchase credits they must follow these steps:

  1. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reviews proposed impacts and calculates credits.
  2. Applicant confirms credit availability with DU and submits a permit application to the Corps requesting approval for purchase of ILF credits.
  3. Upon approval, the applicant provides DU with all permit details.
  4. The applicant purchases credit(s) and transfers funds to the DU-VT ILF program.
  5. DU submits a credit sale letter to the Corps recording the transaction.

See credit pricing and locations (pdf format).

As a Sponsor, DU's role is to identify opportunities for wetland restoration, enhancement, or preservation in the same service area as the impacts. All projects are subject to approval by the USACE-New England District in consultation with the Interagency Review Team (IRT) which is made up of state and federal agencies. DU is responsible for seeing that projects are executed and that long-term stewardship is assured. 

Ducks Unlimited (DU) is recognized as the world's largest private wetlands conservation organization and has over 80 years of experience restoring and protecting habitat, especially aquatic resources. DU applies a science-based, watershed approach to deliver turnkey mitigation projects that span all types of wetlands, streams, riparian buffer, and upland habitats.

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