March / April 2021

Archived from the March / April 2021 issue


Duck Camp on Wheels

The ability to socially isolate while following the ducks has made recreational vehicles one of the hottest trends in waterfowling

Ducks and A Lot More

A multitude of wildlife species benefit from DU's work in addition to waterfowl

For the Ducks... Back to the New Future

A message to Team DU

Perfect Getaways

These duck hunting destinations are steeped in outdoor traditions and culture, making them prime vacation spots for wayfaring waterfowlers

Saving Mexico's Mangrove Wetlands

Ducks Unlimited de México is leading efforts to conserve these important coastal habitats for wintering waterfowl, other wildlife, and people

Duck Pâté

This recipe for the classic European spread is surprisingly easy to prepare

Make Mine a Combo

Some waterfowling hotspots come with a little fishing on the side

Retrievers: Playing to Win

Competing in field trails and hunt tests can help you develop a solid, well-rounded retriever

Shotgunning: Cases and Safes

Here's what to look for when buying cases and safes for waterfowl guns and other firearms

Waterfowler's World: The Traveling Waterfowler

Why you need to take a road trip this year

Understanding Waterfowl: The Perfect Combination

A variety of factors must come together to create prime wetland conditions on the prairies