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Following months of researching new products, Ducks Unlimited magazine staff and freelance contributors compiled the 2023 New Guns and Gear. This comprehensive collection covers everything from shotguns to coolers and everything in between. As the 2023-2024 season creeps closer, you’re going to want to fill any gaps in your gear before the opener.



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Every year, shotgun manufacturers release new, or upgraded models for waterfowl hunters. This collection of waterfowl guns represents the latest and greatest for 2023. View all Shotguns.



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As technological advances continue to shape waterfowling ammunition, manufacturers are releasing new products every year. The new ammunition for 2023 is no exception. Find the perfect shotgun load for your style of hunting. View all Ammo.


Decoys and Accessories

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The next generation of decoys have arrived. Check out these new floaters, silhouettes, motion decoys, and flags for the 2023 season. View all Decoys and Accessories.


Bottles, Tumblers, and Jugs


However you prefer your drinks – cold or hot – these new bottles, tumblers, and jugs will do the trick. All new for 2023, this selection of products may the most important choice you make all duck season. View all Bottle, Tumblers, and Jugs.


Jackets and Vests

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From early-season to late January, these new jackets and vests for 2023 will have you covered. New materials, styles, and comfort-fit designs are what makes this collection of jackets and vests exciting. View all Jackets and Vests.


Duck Blind Essentials

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There are always new gadgets to pack in your blind bag. Check out this collection of new gear for 2023 that should find their way into your duck blind. View all Duck Blind Essentials.


Waders, Bibs, and Boots

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All of these new products for 2023 are designed to fight off the elements. From bibs to waders, keep the moisture and cold out on your next adventure with one of these new products. View all Waders, Bibs, and Boots.


Bags and Coolers

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Upgrading a blind bag or a cooler is a serious decision. Ducks Unlimited magazine editorial team found the latest and greatest products for 2023 to help you make this decision. View all Bags and Coolers.


Hoodies, Pullovers, and Base Layers

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Bumming around camp or fighting off a north wind, these new products are sure to help protect you from the elements. View all Hoodies, Pullovers, and Base Layers.


Gear for Mobile Waterfowlers

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Duck and goose hunters on-the-go need to focus on mobility and functionality. This collection of new products for 2023 has both in mind. View all Gear for Mobile Waterfowlers.