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Every year, shotgun manufacturers release new, or upgraded models for waterfowl hunters. This collection of waterfowl guns represents the latest and greatest for 2023.

1. Benelli M2

Benelli M2 Field.jpg

Restyled for 2023 with sleeker lines, the M2 now incorporates the Easy Locking bolt system, while the bolt handle, closer, and carrier release are all larger and easier to use. It’s also much smoother to load, thanks to a new magazine spring and shell latch. The M2 is available in 3-inch 12- and 20-gauge versions in standard and compact models and in black synthetic, Optifade Timber, Mossy Oak Bottomland, or Realtree MAX-7.

2. Benelli Montefeltro

Benelli Montefeltro.jpg

New for 2023, the Montefeltro receives a makeover on the outside along with all the same improvements found on the new M2. In addition, this year’s model features swivel studs, making it a good choice for hunters who prefer a wood-stocked gun for waterfowl. The Montefeltro comes in 3-inch 12- and 20-gauge with a standard or compact stock and a choice of 24-, 26-, or 28-inch barrels.

3. Benelli 828U Steel

Benelli 828.jpg

The all-steel 828U weighs a pound more than the alloy version of this over/under shotgun, which dampens recoil and helps it swing smoothly. It also comes with a coating of BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment) to keep it corrosion-free. The walnut stock houses Benelli’s Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system to make it even more manageable with heavy loads. The 12-gauge version is available with 26-, 28-, or 30-inch barrels; the 20-gauge has 26- or 28-inch barrels.

4. Beretta A400 Upland 28-Gauge


Beretta has added a 3-inch Upland 28-gauge to their A400 gas-gun line. Despite its name, it fits in just fine in the duck blind. It comes with a walnut stock and forearm and a nickel-plated receiver with a new engraving pattern.

5. Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus 20-Gauge

Beretta A400 Extreme.jpg

A 20-gauge A400 joins Beretta’s lineup of soft-shooting gas guns designed for waterfowlers. This 20 has all the same features as the 12, including Kick-Off recoil reduction, enlarged controls, and a step rib. It weighs around 6 1/2 pounds and is available in a variety of camo patterns.

6. Browning Citori Composite

Browning Citori Composite.jpg

A long-time favorite among waterfowlers who prefer over/under shotguns, the Citori comes in a synthetic-stocked version this year. It has a blued receiver and an adjustable comb, making this a versatile option that can go from the sporting clays course to the marsh. This 3-inch 12-gauge comes with 26-, 28-, or 30-inch barrels.

7. Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing Auric Camo

Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing.jpg

Some familiar favorites have a new look this year, as Browning introduces its own Auric camo pattern. The 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge versions of the Cynergy, Maxus 2, A5, and Silver, as well as the 16-gauge 2 3/4-inch A5, are available in the new pattern. Wicked Wing models with bronze Cerakoted metal and all camo-versions are also available.

8. Browning Gold Light 10-Gauge

Browning Gold 10 Light.jpg

The only 10-gauge semiauto in production, the Gold Light 10 has an alloy frame that keeps its weight around 9 1/2 pounds. The gas system also mitigates recoil, making this shotgun surprisingly pleasant to shoot. The latest version has a coat of Auric camo over a stock designed to be easily shortened and an enlarged trigger guard. You can choose between a 26- or 28-inch barrel.

9. CZ-USA 712 G3

CZ USA 712.jpg

This gunmaker has introduced the next generation of its 712 semiauto, the G3, which features enlarged controls, shims to adjust stock fit, and lengthened choke tubes. Two gas pistons come with each gun, one for light loads and one for heavy loads, allowing it to cycle a variety of ammunition. It is available fully camouflaged or with satin walnut and blued steel. Both versions have 28-inch barrels.

10. EAA Girsan MC312

EAA GirsanMC312.jpg

A budget-priced inertia semiauto, the MC312 passed an impressive torture test at the Girsan factory, cycling 5,000 rounds without cleaning, followed by an additional 10,000 rounds with no need to replace any parts. This 3-inch 12-gauge shotgun comes in black or camo. All models feature a milled-in Picatinny rail for mounting an optic in case you would like to take the gun to the turkey woods.

11. Escort 20-Gauge PS Youth

Escort Youth.jpg

Manageable size and recoil make learning to shoot much easier. Escort’s scaled-down PS Youth shotgun is a lightweight gas semiauto that shoots all 2 3/4- and 3-inch 20-gauge shells without adjustment. It weighs just 6 pounds and has a 22-inch barrel.

12. Fabarm XLR5 Waterfowler

Fabarm XLR Chesapeake.jpg

Soft-shooting and fast-cycling, the XLR5 Waterfowler catches the eye with its impressive fit and finish, combining a Cerakoted receiver with True Timber Viper camo furniture. A rubber comb insert improves comfort when shooting heavy waterfowl loads. The 3-inch 12-gauge comes with a choice of 28- or 30-inch TriBore HP barrels.

13. Franchi Instinct Sideplate 16- and 28-Gauge

Franchi Instinct Sideplate.jpg

In addition to existing 12- and 20-gauge models in its Instinct Sideplate line, Franchi has added a 2 3/4-inch 16-gauge and a 3-inch 28-gauge. The guns are stocked with AA walnut and feature case-colored sideplates with gold-engraved gamebirds. The 16-gauge is adorned with a grouse and a pheasant, while the 28-gauge features woodcock and quail. Both guns have 28-inch barrels, Prince of Wales grips, Schnabel forearms, and extended choke tubes.

14. Mossberg 940 Pro Field 12-Gauge

Mossberg 940 ProField.jpg

Mossberg has added a walnut-stocked model to its 940 line of clean-running gas guns, resulting in a good-looking, reliable shotgun that’s perfect for waterfowlers. The stock adjusts to fit a variety of shooters. Available in 12-gauge with a 28-inch barrel, it also features a top safety and enlarged bolt handle and release.

15. Mossberg SA-28

Mossberg SA28.jpg

All Purpose Field Slim, lightweight, and reliable, Mossberg’s SA shotguns offer great value in a gas-operated semiauto. New this year is a black synthetic-stocked 2 3/4-inch 28-gauge. Weighing 5 3/4 pounds with a 26-inch barrel, it’s a true lightweight.

16. Mossberg Gold Reserve Black Label 20-Gauge

Mossberg Gold Reserve.jpg

With 3-inch chambers and 30-inch barrels, the new 20-gauge Gold Reserve over/under joins the 12-gauge in the lineup, and it stands ready for the duck blind, the dove field, the uplands, and the sporting clays course. The gun has grade-A walnut with a satin finish and a blacked receiver. It has ejectors and comes with five extended choke tubes and a listed weight of 6 1/4 pounds.

17. Remington 870 Fieldmaster Synthetic

Remington 870 FieldMaster.jpg

Remington has introduced a black synthetic-stocked version of the 870 Fieldmaster pump in 12- and 20-gauge. The stock on 12-gauge models comes with a flush, soft-comb insert that reduces recoil and can be replaced using raised and extra-high inserts. These shotguns also feature a soft recoil pad and sling swivel studs.

18. Retay Gordion Compact

Retray Gardion.jpg

Smaller shooters will enjoy Retay’s new reduced-length version of its Gordion shotgun. This 20-gauge semiauto has a 12.5-inch length of pull, a choice of 24- or 26-inch barrels, and Retay’s Inertia Plus bolts for added reliability. Full-size stocks are available as an accessory. At only 6 pounds, it’s a lightweight gun, and it comes with Retay’s soft recoil pad and dressed in black synthetic or camo.

19. Retay GPS Series



The GPS series (Geometric Pump System) pump shotgun is an icon in the making. The GPS is offered in 12-gauge,  3-inch chamber while the GPS-XL is chambered in 12-gauge 3.5-inch. Both the GPS and GPS-XL offer rock-solid performance and durability from Retays exclusive floating-forearm technology, a dual slide rail, dual latch action that allows for ultra-fast cycling for quick follow-up shots when you need them.

20. J.P. Sauer & Sohn SL5 Waterfowl

Saur SL5.jpg

The J.P. Sauer & Sohn SL5 Waterfowl is a 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge inertia gun that is well-built, fitted, and finished. Each model in this line has an enlarged bolt handle and bolt-release button. These shotguns also feature a rubber comb insert to reduce recoil. New for this year, the SL5 is available in Fred Bear Old School Camo as well as all black. The SL5 Waterfowl comes with a 26-, 28-, or 30-inch barrel, and each gun includes five Benelli-style Crio chokes.

21. Stevens 560

Stevens 560.jpg

The new Stevens 560 semiauto line consists of 12-gauges in both standard and compact models. The guns are gas-operated for reduced recoil and feature a number of extras not normally found on budget-priced guns. They are stocked in Turkish walnut with a satin finish and non-glare metal that won’t spook ducks.

22. Stoeger M3000

Stoeger M3000.jpg

This 3-inch 12-gauge inertia gun gets a makeover with an enlarged bolt handle, safety button, and bolt-release button. The M3000 also sports an improved recoil pad as well as a rubber insert in the comb to further dampen recoil and vibration. The 3-inch 20-gauge M3020 and the 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge M3500 received the same upgrades. Even with these improvements, the guns remain a good value.

23. TriStar Matrix

Tristar Matrix.jpg

With the new Matrix shotgun, Tristar has made a bold entrance into the inertia-gun market. The 12- and 20-gauge guns have enlarged bolt-release buttons and oversized bolt handles and come in black synthetic, camo, or walnut. The 12-gauge models have 28-inch barrels, and the 20-gauges are available with 26- or 28-inch barrels.

24. Tristar Viper G2

Tristar Viper G2.jpg

Tristar’s Viper G2 has become a popular choice for hunters looking for a reliable semiauto shotgun at a value price. It comes in walnut and camo versions and in a variety of gauges and configurations. All models now have extended bolt handles and enlarged bolt-release buttons.

25. Weatherby 18i Waterfowler

Weatherby 18i.jpg

The Italian manufacturer Marocchi makes the Weatherby 18i semiauto. New for 2023 is a 3-inch Waterfowler model that joins the 3 1/2-inch version already in the line. The 18i Waterfowler has synthetic furniture including a soft comb insert, a 28-inch barrel, and choke tubes on the Benelli Crio pattern. It comes fully covered in Mossy Oak Habitat, RealTree MAX-7, or First Lite Cipher camo with brown Cerakoted metal.

26. SilencerCo Salvo 12-Gauge Suppressor

Salvo 12.jpg

The first commercially viable shotgun suppressor to reach the market, the Salvo 12 consists of a system of rods and baffles that contain sound while preserving the function of the wad as it leaves the barrel. It also makes a noticeable difference in felt recoil. The Salvo 12 is compatible with most pump-action and semiautomatic shotguns and commercially available ammunition. The modular design allows for the customization of the length and weight for different shooting applications. At its full 12-inch length, it can reduce sound volume below the threshold requiring hearing protection. Not available in certain states and jurisdictions. Visit Silencer Central for more information on how to order this product.

DU Shotgun of the Year: Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 28-Gauge

Benelli SBE3 GOTY.jpg

DU’s Shotgun of the Year is a Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 in 28-gauge. This semiautomatic shotgun has a 3-inch chamber, 28-inch highly polished blue barrel, coin-finished receiver, DU exclusive oil-finished walnut stock, and engraving featuring a gold-inlaid waterfowl scene and the DU logo. This beautiful firearm comes with five extended choke tubes, a special DU serial number, and a gun lock. It is available exclusively at DU events. To find an event in your area, visit


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