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The next generation of decoys have arrived. Check out these new floaters, silhouettes, motion decoys, and flags for the 2023 season.

1. Avery Finisher Ripple Makers

Avery Finisher Ripple Makers.png

Avery’s new Ripple Makers are a great way to add motion to your decoy spread on windless days. Drawing power from four AA batteries, these shakers will create ripples for up to six hours. Available in mallard, pintail, and
a plain quiver disk.

2. Avery Finisher Swimmer Decoys

Avery Finisher Swimmer Decoys.png

These new swimmer decoys from Avery use foam-filled, realistic bodies powered by lithium-ion internal batteries to create lifelike motion. Boasting seven hours of run time, they will add important realism to your spread. Available in mallard and northern pintail.

3. Avery Finisher Spitter Decoys

Avery Finisher Spitter Decoys.png

New for 2023, this “spitter” decoy simulates feeding motion with a motor that spits water into the air and creates ripples. The Finisher Spitter has a seven-hour run time, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and is available in mallard, northern pintail, and Canada goose.

4. Dive Bomb F1 Specklebelly Floaters

Dive Bomb F1 Specklebelly Floaters.png

World champion carver Jon Jones designed Dive Bomb’s new ultra-realistic speck decoys. These one-piece self-righting decoys feature high-quality paint for durability and are available in a six-pack with three active and three upright head positions.

5. Dive Bomb F1 Blue-winged Teal

Dive Bomb F1 Blue Winged Teal.png

These bluewing decoys are perfect for early-season hunts. Featuring self-righting keels and realistic paint schemes, the life-sized floaters are an ideal addition to any spread. Each box includes six drakes and six hens.

6. Drake Waterfowl Goose Flag

Drake Waterfowl Goose Flag.png

Flagging is one of the most underutilized techniques for attracting geese. Drake’s new Goose Flag has a custom-molded rubber handle and sports Drake’s Old School camo on one side and black on the other. It folds into a sleeve for transportation and is also available in all black.

7. G&H Decoys Premier Series

G&H Decoys Premier Series.png

The new Premier Series from G&H Decoys was designed in collaboration with eight-time world champion decoy carver Luke Costilow. Offering the durability that the company is known for, decoys in the series have oversized, weighted keels; hydro-stabilizing pockets for added realism on the water; and ultra-tough paint for durability.

8. Higdon Motion Flats Canada Goose Silhouettes

Higdon Motion Flats Canada Goose Silhouettes.png

Higdon’s new silhouette decoys are sturdy, lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to deploy. Constructed of corrugated plastic, they rotate 145 degrees on their unique stakes in the slightest breeze, adding motion to your spread. They are printed with realistic high-resolution detail and a glare-resistant finish that won’t fade. Each 12-pack includes 12 magnum Canada goose silhouettes (four walkers, four semi-feeders, and four feeders) and 12 Tall Motion Stake systems.

9. Quickcoys Motion Decoy System

Quickcoys Motion Decoy System.png

In one simple setup, the innovative Quickcoys system animates five decoys with hands-free, intermittent, and alternating motion. Ideal for knee-high water, this rig includes a patented motorized hub and spreader, power cord, battery box with motor controller, 12-volt SLA battery, charger, and durable carry bag. New for 2023 is a 40-inch extension cord to allow the unit to be used in deeper water.


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