Mitigation Solutions

Because of Ducks Unlimited's experience delivering high quality wetland habitat projects in all 50 states, DU is uniquely positioned to assist developers of large projects meet their mitigation requirements.

In addition to wetland mitigation projects, DU has provided turnkey solutions for Natural Resource Damage Assessment restoration projects, Endangered Species Act compensation projects, and Supplemental Environmental Projects, among many others.

Our services are divided into 5 Phases:

I. Site Identification
II. Wetland Design and Mitigation Plan
III. Site Construction
IV. Land Protection
V. Monitoring and Contingency Plans

Phase I - Site Identification

Upon full understanding of the client's requirements and objectives, DU's mitigation team will:
  • Work with a network of private landowners and agency partners to identify a property suitable for wetland restoration, enhancement, or protection. 
  • Develop a concept design and preliminary mitigation plan.
Phase II - Wetland Design and Mitigation Plan

DU engineers and wetland scientists will work closely with the client to produce to conduct site evaluation and analysis, develop a final wetland design and mitigation plan, and produce a full set of construction documents.

Phase III - Site Construction
DU construction professionals will secure all necessary permits for the construction and provide bidding, oversight and certification services to ensure the successful delivery of the wetland design.

Phase IV - Land Protection

As the largest accredited land trust in the nation, DU will provide the services required to implement the long term protection instrument. DU may also hold the conservation easement or can work to find a suitable organization.

Phase V - Monitoring and Contingency Plans

DU wetland scientists will conduct the required monitoring and provide adaptive management recommendations.

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