Ducks Unlimited de Mxico (DUMAC) restores and protects waterfowl wintering habitat in Mexico while also improving the lives of the countrys residents. Axalta Coating Systems is an outstanding DUMAC partner, which has provided tremendous support for the organization since 2016. Daniel Salcido is the president of Axalta Mexico and an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He has served on the DUMAC board since 2018. Salcido explains what the partnership means to the company and wetlands conservation in Mexico. To support DUMACs work in Mexico is very important for Axalta, as we both play key roles to contribute to conservation projects, he says. DUMACs experience and deep knowledge in the field and the passion we share for environmental stewardship and teamwork make this partnership stronger.

Salcido says Axalta knows the value of DUMACs conservation work and what it means to the environment. Axalta and DUMAC share similar values and a common passion for environmental stewardship. Partnering with DUMAC has been a perfect match for Axalta as we contribute to conservation programs in Mexico to protect waterfowl and provide healthy wetlands.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the core of Axaltas mission. Salcido leads that mission while balancing the demands of running a vibrant corporation. He knows the value of giving back and how important conservation is to Mexico. We have witnessed the progress made to benefit the waterfowl in Mexico and the positive impact for people in the communities, he explains. The conservation work is focused not just on restoring wetland habitat but also on improving the quality of life in the surrounding communities in which we focus our conservation efforts. We are proud to be a part of it.