Celebrate DU de México's 50th Anniversary!

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This year, Ducks Unlimited de México is celebrating their 50th anniversary of its founding in 1974. Join us on August 21 - 25, 2024 in Cabo San Lucas. This celebration will feature:

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Who We Are

Since 1974 Ducks Unlimited de México has delivered wetland conservation solutions that benefit waterfowl as well as people in Mexican communities. In some years, over 20% of North America's waterfowl spend the winter in the mangrove swamps and other habitats of Mexico, where the birds rest and prepare for their return north for another breeding season.

DUMAC's History

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Where We Work

DUMAC has divided the country into four priority regions, within which there are 31 priority wetlands that are home to 84% of the migratory and resident waterfowl distributed in Mexico. In 2022, we worked to restore 2,966 acres of seasonal freshwater wetlands.

Conservation Efforts

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The Ducks Unlimited de Mexico (DUMAC) RESERVA program is a two-month-long intensive training course that educates conservation professionals from Mexico, the rest of Latin America, and the Caribbean. The program has graduated 682 professionals representing 23 countries.



The People

DUMAC has made it a priority not only to preserve, protect, and restore the diminishing wetlands of Mexico that waterfowl rely on for survival but also to make a difference in the communities that use and rely on these crucial areas. We have significantly reduced organic materials passing into wetlands by building wastewater-treatment plants and biodigesters and installing waste-management stations to underserved communities where wetland restoration and health are vital.

DUMAC's People

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