Ducks Unlimited Youth Programs

The mission of Ducks Unlimited is to create wetlands sufficient to fill the skies today, tomorrow and forever. Kids and young adults are making a big difference in that mission, starting chapters and attending events, volunteering. Learn more and join the fun today!


Ages 11 and under
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Legacy Greenwings

Ages birth to 21 years
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DU Varsity

In high schools across the country
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Ducks University

On campuses across the country
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Ducks Unlimited Ecology Conservation & Management Certification
Designed to prepare individuals for a meaningful career in natural resources management 

Ducks Unlimited T.R.A.P.

DU T.R.A.P – Team Resource Assistance Program – provides discounted merchandise and professionally designed marketing materials for club fundraising activities that guarantees all revenues earned stay with the participating team for immediate use.
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