Federal Ammunition

Buy Federal Premium® Ultra-Shok® to support Grasslands for Tomorrow and get a FREE braided leather lanyard

This coming season you can take great pride in knowing that each box of Federal Premium Ultra-Shok you purchase can help the Grasslands for Tomorrow initiative and provide needed support to the important U.S. portion of the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR).

In recognition of your support, Federal will be offering a free braided-leather lanyard to keep your favorite call close at hand.

Since last fall, Federal has surpassed the $100,000 mark for support of this vital habitat initiative. And at no other time is the PPR in such dire need. With a cultural shift and boom of crops more profitable than CRP, there have been an astounding number of acres converted from CRP to cash crops. Although the cornerstone of the Grasslands for Tomorrow initiative is native prairie grasslands, this is an alarming trend that does not bode well long term for our most important resource.