Licensee Application

Become a DU Licensee

If you decide to research the possibility of a license, you are required to complete and return the license application (pdf). Please submit one non-refundable product sample, if available, along with a product catalog/sales sheet.

Be advised that all costs and expenditures associated with artwork, concepts, samples, prototypes and proposals prepared and submitted by a prospective licensee to Ducks Unlimited, Inc. in connection with a license are to be borne solely by the prospective licensee.

Granting of a Ducks Unlimited license depends greatly on brand compatibility, the product, quality, sales projections, channel of distribution, added value, and shared vision.

Licensees of Ducks Unlimited must maintain a comprehensive general liability insurance coverage, including product liability insurance, naming Ducks Unlimited, Inc. as additional insured.

To apply you can download the application form and fill in all appropriate information and email as an attachment to or you may print form after filling out and return it to:

Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Corporate Relations Department
Attn: Jeremy Smith
One Waterfowl Way
Memphis, TN 38120

Each application is considered with great diligence.

On behalf of Ducks Unlimited, Inc., thank you for your interest and support.

Ducks Unlimited License Application Form (pdf)