PSA: Corporate Partners

Ducks Unlimited and your business

Your company has a responsibility to its shareholders, communities in which it operates, employees and company values. When it comes to the environment, there are many possible eco-initiatives these days. Sometimes it is hard to determine the right direction and solution for your firm and its stakeholders.

The wetlands that Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores and manages for waterfowl and other species act as natural filters to keep our water for drinking and product production clean. They act as natural buffers from storm surge to protect coastal infrastructure essential to keep businesses running. They mitigate the effects of flooding that can cause company to shut. The native grasslands that Ducks Unlimited protect sequester carbon from the atmosphere and provide eco-assets to firms seeking to acquire carbon credits for their portfolio.

Ducks Unlimited partners with hundreds of companies, private and public, to develop mutually beneficial, working relationships that meet the expectations of shareholders, employees, customers and...ducks.

Visit the Corporate Partners & Products section of the Ducks Unlimited Web site to learn more and find opportunities available to your company, including cause marketing, carbon credits, land holding optimization, charitable giving solutions, programs for employees and customers, research, etc.