WHC Special Exhibits

Special Exhibitions

History of DU Camo

The History of DU Camo exhibition, Ducks Unlimited, Inc. partners with Camo Retro to create a retrospective of the history of Ducks Unlimited sponsored camouflage. The display highlights DU camo starting with Bob Allen's DU pattern created by Maynard Reece to today's Mossy Oak DU sponsored patterns. The exhibit also has many examples of DU hats from across the nation's DU chapters. Come visit the WHC and be a part of the nostalgia of the Ducks Unlimited brand. 

The Milligan Call Collection

The Milligan Duck Call Collection is owned and curated by Rick Milligan of Ohio. This exhibit reflects Milligan's passion for waterfowl folk art and features vintage and contemporary game calls and decoys. The collection represents call-making across the United States and includes call-makers from 17 states. Visit the WHC to see this remarkable example of the rich heritage of waterfowl folk art. 

The Ellis Mississippi River Decoy Collection

This Ellis Mississippi River Decoy Collection is made up of antique gunning decoys that were hunted on the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois. These decoys have small differences that reflect how they were hunted: long keels and round bodies to handle the current of the river. Also included in this unique collection is the only surviving decoy rig from the Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940 that stranded and killed many hunters along the islands of the river. Visit the WHC to see the unique piece of waterfowling history. 

The Ellis Punt Gun and Powder Tin Collection

The second exhibit curated by Richard Ellis currently on display at the WHC is the Ellis Punt and Powder Tin Collection. Ellis, a waterfowling gun historian and consultant, has spent many years gathering and perfecting his collection of big bore guns and accompanying powder tins. This collection includes 4-to-8-gauge waterfowling guns all dating prior to 1860. All pieces are American made, including one made by Hiram Berdan a colonel of the United States Sharpshooter Regiments in the American Civil War. The WHC is honored to display the incredible Ellis Collection.