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State Contacts

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Justin Dickamore

(435) 720-1845

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State Committee Chairman

Nicole Fehr

No Picture Provided

State Campaign Chairman

Carrol Dolson

No Picture Provided

Public Policy Chair

Rob Jensen

No Picture Provided

Bear River Chapter Area Chair

John Hurley

Bear River, Utah

(435) 279-3198

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Brigham Chapter Co-Chair

Eric Berry


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Brigham Chapter Co-Chair

Brandon Stuart


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Delta Chapter Area Co-Chair

Randy Morris


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Ducs R Bac (Corinne) Area Chair

Chris Richards

(435) 225-4740

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Gander Handlers (Utah County) Area Chair

Travis Madden


No Picture Provided

Gun Bash Co-Chair

Nick Cornish

(801) 245-9663

No Picture Provided

Gun Bash Co-Chair

Casey Fehr

(801) 971-0636

No Picture Provided

Heber Valley Wasatch Back Co-Chair

Chance Morris

(435) 671-3166

No Picture Provided

Heber Valley Wasatch Back Co-Chair

Jennafer Morris

(935) 503-1047

No Picture Provided

Ogden Chapter Area Chair

Josh Ostrup

(801) 814-8109

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Desert Ducks (Price) Chapter Area Chair

Casey Olsen

(435) 230-0672

No Picture Provided

Salt Lake Chapter Area Chair

Rob Fehr

(801) 355-3413

No Picture Provided

San Pete Valley Area Chair

Adam Newman

(435) 851-6669

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Tooele Chapter Area Chair

Jason Wells

(435) 830-1224

Utah Resources

No resources available at this time

Utah's Ducks

The Prairie Pothole Region is critical to Utah waterfowl hunters.

A significant portion of our annual duck harvest migrates to us from the Prairie Pothole Region, also referred to as "the duck factory."

The Prairie Pothole Region is DU's #1 conservation focus area. In addition Utah benefits from DU's Great Basin and Southern Rockies conservation work as the organization continues to conserve critical waterfowl habitat in our state.

There is no waterfowl conservation organization that represents the needs of Utah waterfowl hunters like Ducks Unlimited. Our vital conservation work provides support to our migration both on the breeding grounds and here in the Beehive State.

With your help, we will preserve our waterfowl hunting heritage through habitat conservation of these areas vital to the Utah migration and harvest.

Click here for more information on DU's conservation priority areas.

Utah Facts

DU Membership: 4,448*

  • General Members: 4,117
  • Greenwings: 208
  • Legacy Greenwings: 11
  • Sponsor Members: 112
  • Major Sponsors: 139
  • Grassroots dollars raised last year: $618,414
  • Total acres conserved: 39,950
* Excludes canine memberships


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