Proof DU is Working for TX Hunters

The Goebel Ranch in Northern South Dakota is a DU demonstration property in the heart of the Prairie Pothole Region, also known as the Duck Factory.

This 9,000+ acre tract of land gives DU scientists the chance to study the impact DU conservation programs can have on breeding ducks, including an ongoing banding program to monitor the widespread distribution of birds once they make their annual fall migration.

While only a small portion of the birds that nest on the Goebel Ranch are banded each year, the returns from their harvest clearly show the impact this one property has on Texas hunters.

There are millions of acres in the Prairie Pothole Region that have been positively influenced by Ducks Unlimited's conservation programs just like the Goebel Ranch.

However, with a continued loss of habitat in this critical breeding area we must conserve millions more to guarantee our hunting heritage for future generations.

As a waterfowl hunter the best way to help make sure we have full skies is by joining your local fundraising committee.