Ohio DU License Plate

DU license plates support wetlands conservation projects in Ohio

Ohio Ducks Unlimited has put a new face on its conservation license plate. The DU plate, which raises funds for wetland conservation, was updated with a new logo, but with the same message: Saving Wetlands.

Wetland conservation is what Ducks Unlimited is all about. "DU's mission is to conserve waterfowl, and we do that by conserving their habitat," states Sid Lark, State Chairman for DU. "The DU license plate is a great way to support wetland conservation because $15 from the sale and renewal of every plate goes directly to DU to conserve wetlands in Ohio."

Since Ohio started selling DU plates in 1999, more than $170,000 has been raised to support DU's conservation projects in the state. License plate dollars have been used to fund a variety of wetland projects, including the Green Tree Reservoir enhancement at Grand River Wildlife Area, the enhancement of the L, M, N, O, and P units at the Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area, three projects at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, and the state-wide private lands program delivered with the Division of Wildlife.

"The funds raised through the sale of license plates have really helped us to conserve more of Ohio's wetlands," states Heather Braun, Regional Biologist for Ducks Unlimited, "but wetland protection and restoration costs a lot of money, and we have a lot more work to do." More than 90 percent of Ohio's original wetlands have been drained and remaining wetlands are threatened by development and urban sprawl. "The DU license plate is another way people can contribute directly to the conservation of Ohio's natural resources."

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