Waterfowl Forever

This priority is the core of the Rescue Our Wetlands campaign. Ducks Unlimited's success depends on all its supporters-members, volunteers, Major Sponsors, and partners-to fulfill its mission. Whether you attend a DU dinner, a shooting event, or an Evening of Conservation, or contribute through the mail or online, you are providing the fuel that powers our conservation work.

You are moving earth, building water-control infrastructure, and restoring wetlands and uplands for waterfowl. You are supporting the engineers, biologists, and research scientists who work together to conserve the high-quality habitat that waterfowl need to thrive. You are influencing conservation policy at the municipal, state, national, and international level. You are part of the most successful conservation partnership the world has ever known.

Diamond Heritage Sponsor Brad duPont of Hockessin, Delaware, is a good example of DU's many dedicated supporters across this continent. "I was looking for more of a social organization to get involved with when I was invited by a buddy to my first DU event. I wasn't even a duck hunter at the time," he said. "I have shared so many good memories with great people while in the field. My parents always expected me to make a difference, and I am proud to be able to do that along with a lot of other great people through my support of Ducks Unlimited."

Rescue Our Wetlands