Several Michigan high school students blended history and conservation when they created a 1960s-era punt boat replica and donated it to Ducks Unlimited. Students in Superior Central High Schools Natural Resources and Watercraft Design class in Michigans Upper Peninsula studied the natural world and how humans interact with it, with a focus on science and art.


The science subject matter focused on natural resources: how we use them, how we maintain and monitor their quality, and how we ensure their sustainability for future generations. The art subject matter focused on the design and evolution of traditional watercraft and field sketching. Students looked at traditional watercraft design from many cultures, what materials were used, why they were designed in a particular manner, and how modern materials eventually affected the original designs.


Although students built their own boats, the boat donated to DU was constructed separately by the group and is modeled on an historic 1960s-era waterfowl punt boat. It was raffled off at the 2019 Michigan State Convention, and the winner donated it back to Ducks Unlimited for future fundraising support. The boat is now viewable in the lobby of DUs Great Lakes/Atlantic Regional Office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Ducks Unlimited is fortunate for the generosity of these talented students, and we appreciate their dedication to wetlands, water quality, and waterfowling, says David Brakhage, director of operations in DUs Great Lakes/Atlantic Region.


The punt boat replica will be on display at DUs 2020 National Convention in Orlando, Florida, May 2730. For more information, visit