In Wyomings arid landscape, wetlands are an oasis for wildlife and people. Hunting, fishing, birding, and photography are popular activities at wetlands across the state. Over the years, at least 38 percent of Wyomings wetlands have been lost. This means less habitat for the 70 percent of Wyomings bird species and other wildlife that depend on wetlands. It also signals a decrease in the natural water storage, stream flow maintenance, and water filtration provided by wetlands.

Ducks Unlimited is honored to recognize the Water for Wildlife Foundation and the Wyoming Community Foundation for their multiyear support of wetland restoration projects in Wyoming. In 2021 and 2022, these foundations provided support for projects at the Yellowtail and Renner Wildlife Habitat Management Areas (WHMAs). Their grants were leveraged with public support to make these projects possible. With this support, DU is installing improved water-control structures to ensure managers can use water in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The outcomes of this philanthropy are improved habitat for waterfowl and wildlife, better water-management capabilities on the WHMAs, and enhanced recreation opportunities for visitors. DU is proud to partner with these two foundations toward achievement of our mutual goals. The Water for Wildlife Foundation has a mission to support projects that increase the availability of water for all wildlife in remote and arid regions of the country. The Wyoming Community Foundation connects people who care with issues that matter to build a better Wyoming. Ducks Unlimited sincerely appreciates the combined philanthropy of the two foundations, which will positively impact these WHMAs for many years to come.