Ducks Unlimited's recent restoration project at the Saratoga Lake Public Access Area is providing wildlife habitat, recreation and clean water for the community. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD), the State of Wyoming and the town of Saratoga own and manages the public access area, but DU, Phillips 66 and the WGFD provided the funding for the restorations. 
"DU provided funding for past renovations at Saratoga Lake, but over time, water-control structures have degraded and resulted in reduced habitat quality," said Tom Peterson, DU's Wyoming biologist. "With the improvements we installed, habitat managers can efficiently control water levels in the wetlands and provide sufficient water to a nearby water treatment facility to protect the water quality in the North Platte River." 
In addition to replacing infrastructure on four existing wetlands, DU designed and constructed a new shallow-water wetland impoundment. This addition expands the habitat available to waterfowl and other wildlife and increases hunting opportunities. 
"Now, habitat managers can keep this wetland complex productive by promoting a plant community of primarily annual plants that will produce high-density, high-quality food resources for migratory birds," Peterson said.  
Saratoga Lake Public Access Area provides public outdoor recreation, including hunting, fishing, camping and wildlife viewing.