Hod Kosmans love for natural landscapes has made him a driving force for protecting and restoring habitat in the North Platte River Basin of Nebraska and Wyoming. He has protected more than 1,000 acres of property he owns himself or with partners, and he has worked to open more than 30,000 acres of land to the public.

Hod has put his passion for wetlands and other wild places into action by working tirelessly to conserve them and make them available for others to experience and enjoy, said Terry Kostinec, DUs director of development for Nebraska and South Dakota. As a Ducks Unlimited Major Sponsor, Hod embodies the role of being a great partner. He helps with local DU banquets, donates conservation easements, restores habitat on his own properties, and helps DU facilitate major donor gifts. Hod assists DU in every facet of conserving habitat along the North Platte River.

Through Kosmans leadership of Platte River Basin Environments Inc. (PRBE), a nonprofit conservation organization based in western Nebraska, he has helped establish four state wildlife management areas and one state nature center. Ducks Unlimited has partnered with PRBE on crucial habitat projects along with other partners, including federal, state, and local government agencies; conservation organizations like the Nebraska Environmental Trust; and various businesses.

Ducks Unlimited has been a good partner, not only with its funding but also with engineering and great science, Kosman said. The biology and the friendships that DU brings to PRBE and our part of the world are invaluable.