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DU's 10/30 program encourages each chapter to promptly submit its membership cards, funds and event reports. While most volunteers feel relieved closing the doors after any event, the work isn't finished until the paperwork is done and, more importantly, submitted to the proper personnel at Ducks Unlimited headquarters.
To that end, properly ensure event tickets are completed upon arrival and package for mailing. If someone purchased sponsor memberships, ensure each sponsor's ticket is marked for the appropriate level ($250, $500, etc.) before separately bundling and labeling as "Sponsors." A data entry person at HQ will transcribe all tickets into an electronic file, and omissions are never easy to rectify, so it's important to reduce any opportunity for errors in the process.
Mail the tickets so the package arrives at HQ within ten days after an event. Ensure 80 percent of the net proceeds are also included, whether from credit card transactions or by enclosing a check from the chapter in the amount of the balance.
From the outset, carefully track event expenses. The costs for the venue, setup, meals, caterer, decorations, drinks, etc. are all part of your overhead, and the sum has its own line on the event report. Ensure all vendors know to submit bills by the first business day following an event and pay invoices promptly. Many receipts directly route to DU headquarters via credit card, in which case vendor checks and any previously mailed post-dated merchandise checks must be covered, so determine if there is sufficient cash in your account. If necessary, your regional director will request funds return from HQ.
The front desk program makes completing the event report easy and tabulates totals for every aspect of the event. Enter each figure appropriately on the event report. If you received cash underwriting, enter the total on the appropriate line. The underwriting amount is subtracted from expenses and significantly improves the event's efficiency figure.
Sign the report and ship so it arrives within 30 days after the event. Include any additional funds remaining in the chapter account as well. Retain only enough to cover any expenses the chapter will incur across the year. For example, funds to cover the cost of a post office box or storage unit for event equipment. Even if there are no outstanding expenses not yet paid, file a report within 30 days after the event. Amended reports are accepted at any time after final expenses are paid.
Chapter promptly complying with the 10- and 30-day requirements receive a gun to auction or raffle at the next event, free of charge. Moreover, complying with the 10/30 guideline is an absolute requirement to qualify for any level of DU's National Chapter Excellence Awards. If you have a problem completing the report, contact senior regional director, Robert Hathaway, or state treasurer, Lucy Pate, for assistance. It DU's goal to have every chapter recognized with an Excellence Award and to benefit from the 10/30 incentive program.