The Clairmont Family Conservation Park is named after the original owners of the property, the Clairmont Family, who wanted the land to remain undeveloped and open so the Bismarck-Mandan community could enjoy the outdoors. The Park leaves a Clairmont family legacy that marries all of Bill Clairmonts values, including education and appreciating nature, in a place where people can personally develop a connection to the land and wildlife.
The 117-acre park will showcase the prairies as an important natural resource for wildlife and humans and provide educational opportunities for visitors to learn about wetlands, grasslands, and trees and how they function on the landscape. To encourage people to get outdoors and recreate, there will be a complex system of hiking, biking and multi-use trails. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the property.


The park will provide the BisMan area:
  • More natural space for north Bismarck, in a convenient location for all residents
  • Pet-friendly trails near Bismarck/Mandan's trail system
  • Mountain biking on natural trails
  • Restored wetlands for learning, bird-watching, and a quiet retreat
  • An attraction for visitors--one of the largest public parks in Bismarck
Beginning in the summer of 2022, DU will start restoring and enhancing the wetlands, grasslands and riparian habitat. Ownership of the property will be transferred to the Bismarck Parks &Recreation District (BPRD) after work is completed. The BPRD will complement the natural features with user-friendly amenities and maintain it in perpetuity for public access.

Clairmont Map_Draft 4.25.22

Stay updated on ongoing construction activities by visiting the Clairmont Family Conservation Park Facebook page.

Visit the BPRD website to learn more about the park.