At 95 years old, Catherine S. May has become one of Ducks Unlimiteds most seasoned, respected, and beloved volunteers. Catherine began her volunteer tenure with DU in the early 1990s, when her daughter, Theresa, and son-in-law, Doug Phillips, encouraged her to join a local East Tennessee chapter. Ever since that first event, Catherine has remained steadfast in her dedication to DU.

After working in the hospitality industry for nearly 67 years, Catherine has brought a wealth of knowledge, opportunity, and connections to local Tennessee chapters. Because of her successful career as both a restaurateur and hotel manager, Catherine was asked to serve on multiple hotel, motel, and tourism boards. With her business savvy always in the forefront, Catherine saw her professional contacts as an opportunity to benefit DU. She was able to augment her impact on the community by encouraging her colleagues and contacts to donate hotel stays and amenities to local DU events.

Though her decades of serving on prestigious boards may have come to an end, Catherine continues to assist local chapters with event registration. Her role in DU is greeting the numerous friends she has made along the way.

Catherine has passed her love for DU on to her grandsons, Sterling and Lucas Phillips. Sterling continues his grandmothers legacy by serving as a district chairman and auctioneer. Lucas showcases his shooting skills each year at DU shooting events. Catherines story emphatically encapsulates the success of the organization. It is a beautiful reminder that it is our volunteers who lay the foundation for leading the world in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.