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DU is, and always will be, a grassroots fundraising organization. We are an organization of local volunteers dedicated to the concept that through habitat restoration and preservation, waterfowl populations will flourish. We are also an organization of local volunteers aware of the fact that these habitat efforts will dramatically impact all forms of life on the North American continent, if not through habitat creation, then certainly through improved water quality as a result of the restoration of the wetlands. We will meet these ambitious goals through efforts of our local volunteer leaders and committees. Our success begins at the local banquets held in communities across North America.

Women Play an Important Role in Minnesota

A DU Volunteer is the...

A DU Committee Member is ...

...person who contributes in a positive way to the success of an event.

Are You Ready to Take Action to Make Things Better in Minnesota? Minnesota committees exist in your area! Join one of the All-Ladies Chapters in your area, or any of the committees and share your passion!

If you are concerned about the condition of Minnesota's wetlands and water and want to be part of the solution, Ducks Unlimited can provide you with that opportunity. The future of waterfowling is brighter as each voice is raised in support of waterfowl conservation. Are you one of those voices in Minnesota? While few can physically affect change in Minnesota's natural landscape by moving dirt with a bulldozer or constructing a water control structure, you can do the next best thing by joining the DU conservation team of volunteers and staff that raise funds in support of our conservation programs.

Thank you for your support of Ducks Unlimited and our mission to waterfowl and wetland conservation in the state of Minnesota. Make your commitment today and make a difference for the future of our waterfowling heritage.

Stevie Grussendorf
Volunteer Services Assistant
(952) 820-8174