DU Calendar Photo Submission Rules

Please read and follow the guidelines below when submitting your photos for inclusion in the 2021 Ducks Unlimited Calendar.


Consider these suggestions before taking and/or submitting photos for the Ducks Unlimited Calendar.

  • The larger the photo, the better. Image files must be smaller than 15MB (see PHOTO DETAILS below), but up to that point, bigger is better. Higher resolution, greater image dimensions and larger file sizes will help make your photo more suitable to appear in a print medium like the DU Calendar.
  • We are looking for photos that embody DU's conservation mission and our members' passion for waterfowl and waterfowl hunting. Use the CATEGORIES below as guidelines.
  • You must be a current Ducks Unlimited member to submit a photo for the DU Calendar. If you are not a member, please Join DU Today!
  • If you have uploaded your photo(s) to the DU Member Photo Gallery already, you may submit the same photos again for inclusion in the DU Calendar. However, these photos must be submitted using this form to be considered for the calendar.


Please submit photos that fall into one or more of the following categories. All photos meeting our rules and guidelines will be considered, but we are most likely to use those that include one or more of these three:

  • Wetlands and surrounding habitat
  • Waterfowl
  • Hunting dogs


Please use these guidelines when taking, editing and submitting your photos.

  • Photos must be in JPG/JPEG format
  • Image files should be no larger than 15MB
  • Please shoot photos using a digital camera resolution of 3 megapixels or greater
  • Images should be 300 dpi or more
  • Images must be in proper orientation (vertical or horizontal) and scale
  • If you scan a photo before uploading, crop the image to eliminate all white space surrounding it. 


Photos containing the following will not be accepted for consideration in the Ducks Unlimited Calendar.

  • No obscene images are allowed. Do not send photos containing grisly or blood-imbrued waterfowl or other wildlife. Any photos containing downed game must include individuals and/or dogs.
  • No solicitations or advertisements are allowed in images.
  • Images may not suggest or encourage illegal activity.


  • You must have copyright ownership of all photos you upload.
  • Do not upload photos that contain identifying information such as phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • All photos uploaded for consideration in the Ducks Unlimited Calendar become the property of Ducks Unlimited. You will be credited if the photo is used outside the DU Calendar or for other marketing purposes within Ducks Unlimited.


The final date for submitting photos is June 8, 2020. If your photo has been chosen for inclusion in the Ducks Unlimited Calendar, a DU representative will contact you. The list of winners and their photos will be available in August 2020.


If you have any additional questions about submitting your photo for the DU Calendar, please contact us at mworth@ducks.org

Submit your photos now!